axis benefit solutions

Welcome to the Axis Benefits Solutions, Inc (ABSI) website. We are a Life Resource Planning company. Life Resource planning involves a team approach to solving problems and making life better for Elderly clients. We work from 10 to 20 different specialist, who serve the elder community, work together under the alliance of a local support team called a care planning or elder planning council to help seniors optimize their resources for their remaining years of life. The Life Resource Plan is a personalized advise and solution for our elderly client, after you agreed to do business with us we will collect a service fee then we gather specific information from you, we will create the plan in a binder to present to you then recommend specific solutions or services as to your needs and advice from the plan.

1. Reduced spending power
2. Evaluating savings and investments
3. Converting assets to income
4. Transferring assets to the next generation
5. Understanding Medicare
6. Medicare advantage and supplement plans
7. Maintaining good personal health
8. Strategies for successful aging
9. Living arrangements for aging seniors
10. Support services for aging seniors
11. Government and community aging services
12. Planning for long term care
13. Informal family caregivers
14. The family care plan and caregiving agreement
15. Medicare temporary care services
16. Medicaid long term care
17. Benefits for senior veterans
18. Long term care and short term care insurance
19. Planning for final years – legal issues
20. Planning for end-of-life – dying
21. Planning for end-of-life – final arrangements

Our public educational series entitled “Planning Strategies for Aging Seniors” covers in-depth each one of these areas of concern for aging seniors. Please contact our local ABSI Planner to setup an educational seminar at your area.