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We’re Here to Help. Axis Benefits Solutions is a leading organization that specializes in assisting families find resources which aging seniors have available to them:






Our Job as a planner is to identify all of the issues associated with these resources and attempt to optimize their use for our clients in their remaining years of life.

Meet our Life Resource Planners (LRP):
 p1 Larry Dela Cruz
We’re Here to Help. Axis Benefits Solutions is a leading organization that specializes in assisting families find resources which aging seniors have available to them:Our Job as a planner is to identify all of the issues associated with these resources and attempt to optimize their use for our clients in their remaining years of life.
  Rick D. Rivera
Currently Certified Administrator for ARF’s (Adult Residential Facilities) and RCFE’s (Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly) for over 20 years. Also, active in the Financial Services industry as an Insurance Agent, Real Estate Agent and used to be Securities Licensed. Coached individuals, teams and was featured as one of the guest speakers in front of 25,000 attendees in a financial services convention. With his unique background, Rick is able to help families navigate long term care issues and also consults with individuals and/or corporations interested in opening facilities for dependent adults and the elderly population.
Shared the stage during speaking engagements with some of the most powerful leaders and coaches in the world such as General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, USA (Commander-in-Chief for Desert Storm); Muhammad Ali, The greatest Boxer of all time; Magic Johnson – LA Lakers, greatest basketball player; Harry Dent (author of Roaring 2000); Manny Pacquaio, 8th world boxing division record holder and many more. Attended Live Trainings of: Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Joe Montana, Zig Ziglar, Michael Phelps, Robert Kiyosaki, Chris Gardner, Buzz Aldrin and hundreds more.
Married to his wife Marie for over 22 years with 2 children,who still pursue their studies at this time.
   Garry Gerardo
Garry Gerardo is a member and certified Benefit Consultant with ABSI since the company started. Because of his experience and expertise in the complicated process and rules in Medi-Cal LTC applications, many seniors and their family he helped are referring him to their friends. Garry has offered assistance to seniors, who are veterans, living in RCFEs to trigger their Aid and Attendance benefits. He has helped many seniors in different parts of Northern California by minimizing out of pocket costs in skilled nursing home facilities by assisting them to qualify for Medi-Cal LTC. Helping seniors for planning ahead and for those transitioning into a long term care environment is Garry’s top priority.
   Nelson Manmano
Nelson has been in the healthcare industry as a licensed care home operator for the state of Hawaii for about five years until 2010. He joined Axis Benefits Solutions, Inc. then as a way of helping seniors in their quest to pay for their long term care. His personal experience in dealing with Nursing homes and taking care of the elderly motivates him to go out there and help families who don’t have valuable information in navigating their long term care issues, especially when a family asks, “How I am going to pay for this?”
Currently, Nelson is also Licensed in the Financial Services industry as an Insurance Agent, and used to run a Brokerage with over a thousand agents.
Married to his wife Vangie who is a Registered Nurse for over 25 years.They have four children together; one of them is also currently licensed in the financial services industry.
  Christopher Jaromay

Christopher is a seasoned veteran when it comes to helping seniors. He is knowledge and background various programs that can aid and assist seniors in devising a plan for both healthcare and long term care needs are second to none. If you need assistance with finding the right healthcare plan, saving money on prescription drugs, or triggering government programs, Chris has a proven track record of helping countless families.  Chris is also a state licensed insurance agent with a comprehensive understanding of Fixed Index Annuities, Life, and Medicare programs.  Chris is actively helps local churches, senior centers, and local hospitals in promoting education of various issues revolving around the senior community.  He is currently the President and CEO of Nuage Insurance Solutions INC, dba Nuage Preservation Insurance Solutions. Chris has two young daughters and a loving wife Christina. He spends his time giving back to the community by participating in his daughters’ school activities as a parent volunteer and also is the head coach for his daughters cheer squad. “Serving the community in times of greatest need” is his motto when it comes to providing assistance to families that are undergo financial and emotional hardship as a result of long term care issues.

  Greg Pritchard
Greg has been helping Seniors and their families in providing solutions to their most complex challenges for over a decade. He has experience with a wide range of cases involving Medi-Cal Planning, VA Aid and Attendance benefits, asset protection and preservation strategies designed to help his clients get help with their Long Term Care needs and protect and preserve their hard earned savings from the Nursing Home or Medi-Cal. He also emphasizes getting the maximum benefit to heirs by using some advanced estate planning and insurance techniques. Greg is also well connected in Northern California and provides placement services for those Seniors wanting to move into a Nursing Home, Board and Care or Assisted Living, but don’t know where to look or are overwhelmed with the abundance of options they face.
   Marina Jaromay
Marina is a retired Registered Nurse with 41 years of experience in multiple areas of patient care. During her tenure as a R.N.; she was awarded – The Daisy award, – one of the most coveted nursing award for extraordinary nurses. Her experience in prioritizing during challenging situations, time management, leadership and maximizing human resources with utmost efficiency and most importantly – as patient advocate; contributes in Marina success in the competitive insurance business. Currently a Life/Health Insurance agent since December 2002.
As a Certified Life Resource Planner with the Axis Benefits; she had assisted clients and supported families in obtaining their needs; i.e. medical entitlement, veterans benefits, protection and preservation of their assets and living arrangements.
Marina is married to her husband, Merito for 39 years. They have two children- a Family Nurse Practitioner and a successful insurance agent. She and her husband enjoy the company of their two grandchildren after school hours. Marina and her husband are also involved in the religious church activities.
   Merito Jaromay
Merito graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences from the University of the East, Manila, Philippines in 1971. He is a retired Registered Nurse; worked in the Medical/Surgical and in the Geriatric areas. Currently, he is a Life/Health Insurance agent and a Certified Life Resource Benefit consultant with Axis Benefits Solutions. He is certified to sell Medical Advantage/Medical Advantage Prescription Drug Plans; Medicare Supplement; Long Term Care Plans and studied the availability of Veterans Benefits Entitlements
He is married to his wife Marina for 39 years; have two grown up children – a Family Nurse Practitioner, the other a successful Insurance Agent. They have two grandchildren and enjoy being with them after school hours. They are also active in the religious church activities.
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